Country Visitors

We have many patients coming to us from the country areas where specialists to treat their particular condition are either not available or there is a lengthy wait for an appointment at one of the nearby provincial centres.  Where possible, we try to make this as easy as we possibly can for you at this worrying time – by keeping your time away from home to a minimum, and also by keeping travel and other expenses to a minimum.  We can suggest accommodation options to you for your stay in Brisbane if required. 

For relatively straightforward procedures you may be able to arrange an appointment to see the surgeon one day and be operated on within the next day or two. 

Before phoning our rooms for an appointment, you should visit your General Practitioner and obtain a detailed referral which includes your past medical and surgical history.  This may allow us to plan tests that may be able to be performed prior to you leaving home.  Your GP will need to forward this referral to our rooms with all information, including test results, relating to your condition.  This referral will then be shown to the relevant doctor and if it is deemed suitable, a consultation date and tentative surgery date (usually within a day or two of the consultation) will be offered to you.  You will be given all the necessary paperwork at the time of your consultation and at this time we will require payment for your surgery

Your operation will still be subject to the doctor deeming you suitable for the surgery as suggested by your GP.  Sometimes other tests that cannot be performed before you leave home may be necessary prior to surgery, and this may prolong your stay in Brisbane.  The time you can return home following surgery will depend on the operation you are having and if any treatment following your operation is required.  You will be advised of an approximate return home date at your consultation, but please remember this will depend on your recovery from your operation and whether you are fit and well enough to travel.   

Accommodation Options

The following are in close proximity to St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital.  Some of these may offer a discount if you advise them at the time of booking that you will be a patient at St Andrew’s, or you are arranging accommodation for your carer/family. 

(In alphabetical order)

ASTOR APARTMENTS                                                                           PH: 07 3839 9022
35 Astor Terrace, Spring Hill

BARBIZON APARTMENTS                                                                    PH: 07 3833 6500
491 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill

BEST WESTERN GREGORY TERRACE MOTOR INN                            PH: 07 3832 1769
397 Gregory Terrace, Spring Hill

COUNTRY WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION                                                  PH: 07 3026 1201
89-95 Gregory Terrace, Spring Hill

GRAND CHANCELLOR HOTEL                                                             PH:07 3831 4055
Cnr Wickham Tce & Leichardt St, Spring Hill                     

METRO TOWER MILL                                                                            PH: 07 3832 1421
239 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane

METROPOLITAN MOTOR INN                                                              PH: 07 3831 6000
106 Leichardt St, Spring Hll

QUALITY HOTEL THE INCHOLM                                                         PH: 07 3226 8888
73 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane

THE SEDGEBROOK ON LEICHARDT                                                    PH: 07 3831 6338
312/83 Leichardt St, Spring Hill

SPRING HILL HOTEL                                                                            PH: 07 3831 0102
100 Leichardt St, Spring Hill

SPRING HILL MEWS                                                                             PH: 07 3232 0000
27 Birley St, Spring Hill

SOHO MOTEL                                                                                        PH: 07 3831 7722
33 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill

SUMMIT CENTRAL APARTMENT MOTEL                                             PH: 07 1800 061 358
32 Leichardt St, Spring Hill

URBAN BRISBANE HOTEL                                                                   PH: 07 3831 6177
345 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill

WATERMARK HOTEL                                                                            PH: 07 3831 3111
551 Wickham terrace, Spring Hill 

WICKHAM TERRACE MOTEL                                                               PH: 07 3839 9611
491 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane